A Message From Our Founder

Amy was my only sibling and my best friend. We shared that unique, unconditional bond that can only exist between sisters. When the unimaginable happened to her and my niece, Molly and nephew, Gregory my family and I were traumatized. The pain and heartache was unbearable. After a year of living in shock and agony, I decided we needed to help ourselves, Amy and her children by doing something positive in the wake of the tragedy we were faced with.

My family and I, along with Amy’s closest friend, Patti Cush, founded Amy’s Kisses in order to help others in Amy’s name and to have our precious memories of her and her children live on. Every time a friend, family member, sponsor or anonymous supporter donates to Amy’s Kisses, it warms our hearts knowing that Amy, Molly and Gregory are not forgotten. And in turn, every time Amy’s Kisses has the opportunity to donate scholarships, computers, SAT books, or any other form of enrichment to a student in need, we know that they did not die in vain. Thank you for visiting our website and keeping our precious Amy, Molly and Gregory in your thoughts.


Jill Perez Gobora