Amy’s Parents’ Story

Bobby and Gary Perez were always so proud of their firstborn girl, Amy.  They supported and encouraged her through all of her educational accomplishments.  They protected, cared and adored Amy every day, sometimes speaking five times a day, even though she lived out of state.  She was an extension of them, and they will never be complete without their daughter.

The Perez’s loved their grandchildren, and Molly and Gregory loved visiting their Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop in Philadelphia and in Florida.  Mom-Mom would take Molly shopping; Pop-Pop took the kids to the Phillies baseball games; and everyone loved to go in the pool together. Those cherished memories will never be forgotten.

Bobby and Gary are the backbone of Amy’s Kisses.  Their guidance, encouragement and contributions are instrumental to Amy’s Kisses’ success.  Even though it is a daily struggle for them to deal with all of their pain, loss and suffering, they continually find the strength to participate in all of Amy’s Kisses’ planning and events.

They are truly our heroes.